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Showcase your unique style and let your creativity run free! Select your kuff style, wire and add something special to finish it off. Choose from Swarovski Crystals, Glass Beads, Fresh Water Pearls, Faux Pearls, Plastic Beads and more...

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Kayleigh is the founder and creator of Kayleigh’s Kuffs. She started her business crafting Kuffs just before the pandemic hit in 2020, while she was working in London’s West End, in shows including Disney’s Aladdin and White Christmas. Kayleigh began trading at her local market in Camden and in 2021 relocated to The Backyard Market at Brick Lane, Shoreditch, where she can now be found every weekend.

The concept for Kayleigh’s Kuffs was born during a trip to Tel Aviv. From the kernel of an idea, Kayleigh grew a dynamic enterprise that would keep her afloat while the theatre industry was detonated during the global pandemic.

Using healing crystals, glass beads, Swarovski crystals and other natural beaded elements along with different wires, Kayleigh creates unique and bespoke designs. Her exciting range of handmade Ear Kuffs require no piercing.

The Kuffs are unlike any other ear cuff you’ll ever try. If your Ear is a canvas, Kayleigh’s Kuffs are the art! They are the most comfortable Ear Kuff you’ll ever wear and they stay on!!

Kayleigh loves creating Kuffs including unique custom pieces for her customers. It’s a therapy for her and affordable wearable art for you. Thanks for supporting her small business; without your help this dream wouldn’t be possible.


Do our Kuffs stay on?

Watch First Artist with The Royal Ballet, Ashley Dean in the studio wearing Kayleigh's Kuffs & you'll see for yourself just how secure our Kuffs are. @ash_michelle_dean